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Child And Youth Care Work Essay Example

Kid And Youth Care Work Essay Example Kid And Youth Care Work Essay Kid And Youth Care Work Essay Presentation The calling of child and youngster consideration requires an extraordinary whole of endeavor, finding and achievement. Inside the field, child and youngster consideration laborers are relied upon to get and proceed with a swearing bond with the youngster included ( Quinn, 2004: 18 ) . In spite of the fact that the central reason for the child and youngster consideration laborer is to think about, adoration, and ensure the child, this may turn out hard in numerous fortunes. Accordingly, the youngster consideration laborer needs to hold procured achievements so as to show signs of improvement of these difficulties while as yet wining in building a solid relationship with the child in question. This exposition will talk the components of child and youngster consideration work each piece great as the standpoints of child and youngster consideration laborers. In unconventional, it will focus on the achievements required inside the calling and the difficulties confronted when looking to th ink about children and youngster. Elementss of Child and Youth Care Maier ( 1987 ) depicts the core components of child and youngster consideration fill in as providing kids with physical solace, cognizing the various airs of each child, cadenced connections with kids, consistency, dependableness what's more social readiness. While rehearsing inside the field of child and youngster consideration, the laborer is required to hold a misgiving of these components so as to make their work as well as could be expected. All the more explicitly, the components of child and youngster consideration incorporates convey throughing the physical and privateness requests of the children what's more cognizing the distinctions in their demeanors, as such, cognizing the distinctions as a part of their characters and mentalities. In addition, the child consideration laborer needs to do cut for musical cooperations with the patient so the two of them can hold an encounter of intimacy.e.g. vocalizing or move ( Maier, 1987 ) . Childs have a solid interest for consistency, and musical communications other than play a capacity in this. â€Å"Rhythmic exercises appear to confirm the experience of rehash and congruity of repetition† which, as a result, gives the child a sentiment of suffering committedness and consistency. Kids and youth require to cognize that they have a trustworthy adult to rely upon. In conclusion, child and youngster consideration laborers need to include an individual part to the social arrangement of their patients. Kids all things considered gain snappier from the individuals who have proposing to them and henceforth will larn all the more promptly from their guardian one time consideration has been built up ( Maier, 1987 ) . Desires and Skills Required The central capacity of a child and youngster consideration specialist is to work with children and youngster in manners that are educative, participative and approving. The specialist is relied upon to advance balance of possibility and cultural incorporation among the children that they are working with ( Pittman, 2004: 90 ) . Correspondence plays an of import work inside the calling of child and youngster consideration. Laborers are required to make and keep connections of trust with the children and youngster included and should introduce data so it is gotten in the mode expected. Youngster and youth consideration laborers need to pass on great and pass on and explain data emphatically and â€Å"in phonetic correspondence of the community† ( Quinn, 2004: 18 ) . Youngster and youth consideration laborers are other than anticipated to actualize programs which help the children and youngster in their developing, larning and advancement. So as to make this, laborers are required to hold information on bunch work and ought to cognize how to help bunches in the midst of interest. Youngster and youth consideration laborers ought to constantly be aftering and actualizing new exercises for children to partake in. While making this, the patients ought to be persuaded and urged to arraign in these exercises ( Quinn, 2004: 18 ) . So as to demo respect for the family unit of the child and the network in which they dwell, it is important that the laborer augmentations a misgiving of the family progress and developments ( Quinn, 2004: 19 ) . This will let laborers to cover with battles simpler as they will so be progressively touchy when keeping medicines on specific subjects and will accordingly have the option to cause applicable plans so as to satisfy the child s requests. Youngster and youth consideration laborers should demo a serious extent of dread of children and ought to have the option to â€Å"recognise interest for intervention† so they can help with the child s work with instantaneousness. Inconveniences in the Field Providing great child consideration implies â€Å"providing kids with significant control and giving them antiphonal nurturance† ( Cancian, 2002:65 ) . Be that as it may, it might be difficult to ship out great child consideration effectually now and again. Inconveniences in the field may incorporate conveying occupations like non being touchy or significant bounty. Bing in the calling includes a cluster of accentuation as it is a test to think about children and youngster and to achieve an expert picture among society for the child and youngster consideration calling. It is other than contesting in the way that it expects us to be adaptable in changes that may occur. Kid and youth consideration laborers should be happy to divert and larn from great and awful encounters in the calling and subsequently keep certain awful aspects from occurring in the great beyond, which may turn out hard for individuals who do non like modification and who do nt take awful understanding and ominous judgment delicately. Choice It is presumed that the child and youngster consideration calling includes providing kids with essential and irreplaceable requests, for example, love, consideration and insurance. Kid consideration laborers need to pass on usefully with the children so as to quickly help with their employments and set up a believing relationship with their patients so legitimate consideration can be given. Be that as it may, the calling supplies a couple of difficulties yet none which can non be overwhelmed with clasp and more involvement with the field of child and youngster consideration. Notices Cancian, F.M. ( erectile brokenness ) . 2002. ‘Defining â€Å"Good† Child Care: Hegemonic and Democratic Standards , Child Care and Inequality: Rethinking carework for children and youngster. Incredible Britain: Routledge. p.65. Maier, H.W. ( 1987 ) . ‘Essential Components in Care and Treatment Environments for Children , Developmental Group Care of Children and Youth: Concepts and Practice, USA: The Haworth Press, Inc. p.40-58. Pittman, K.J. ( 2004 ) . ‘Reflections on the course non ( yet ) taken: How a concentrated open plan can help youth work point of convergence on youngster , ( In Garza, P. , Borden, L.M. , A ; Astroth, K.A. ( touchy identification frameworks. ) , New Directions for Youth Development: Professional Development for Youth Workers, 104: 90, Winter. Quinn, J. ( 2004 ) . ‘Professional improvement in the youngster advancement field: Issues, propensities, possibilities, and difficulties , ( In Garza, P. , Borden, L.M. , A ; Astroth, K.A. ( hazardous location frameworks. ) , New Directions for Youth Development: Professional Development for Youth Workers, 18-19, Winter.

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Japan And Thailand Essays - Japanese Archipelago,

Japan And Thailand Thailand and Japan are two nations arranged in the Australian, Asian and Pacific (A.A.P) area. There are numerous similitudes and contrasts in their physical and human topographies. Japan is an archipelago of 3900 hilly islands with an absolute land size of 377 835km2. Situated in East Asia along the 'Pacific Ring of Fire' Japan ranges from North 50 30I to 210 and East 970 3I to 1030 3I. Interestingly, Thailand is a bigger nation with an absolute landmass of 511 770km2. It is situated in South East Asia on the Indo-China and Malayan promontory. Thailand's landmass ranges from 70 5I to 200 5I North and 970 to 105o 41 East. Thailand has a tropical atmosphere that encounters monsoonal impacts, though Japan has an assorted atmosphere, going from sub-tropical in the south to high conditions on the raised pinnacles. Japan has a maturing populace, which is double the size of Thailand's. 90% of Japan's 126 million individuals live on just 20% of its dry land. Differently, Thailand's populace is all the more equally spread with a dispersion of 117 people for each km2. Japan is a Progressively Developed nation (M.D.C) with a GNP for every capita of US$34 500, which makes it Asia most well-off nation. Japan Economy depends on administrations and high innovation enterprises. Thailand is a Less-Developed nation (L.D.C) with a GNP per capita of US$8 800. Thailand's populace depends more on a resource way of life. Truth be told 75% of its occupants making their living from cultivating. Japan is an island archipelago with more than 3900 islands. The four primary islands, Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku stretch for more than 3 800 kilometers. The nation arranged on the edge of huge structural plates which are continually moving giving a flighty open country. The Pacific Ocean, Sea of Japan, Korea Waterway and the East China Sea encompass the Japanese archipelago. In contrast to Japan, Thailand isn't a gathering of islands, it is anyway a bigger nation with a land region of 511 770km2. Thailand's expands 2500km from North 50 30I to 210 and 1250km from East 970 3I to 1030 3I. The most southern land stretches out down the Malayan landmass and fringes with Malaysia. The nation likewise fringes with Burma, Laos and Cambodia just as the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Thailand. So also, both Japan and Thailand have raised scenes. Japan physical topography is depicted as tough and rugged. Over 80% of the land is at an raised level and there are 532 mountains more than 2000 meters. The mountain ranges reach out over the islands from north to south. The primary extents are found all through the focal zones of the four primary islands. The most elevated mountain is on Honshu, Mt Fuji is 3776m above ocean level, other enormous mountains are Mt Kita, 3192m, Mt Hotaka 3190m and Mt Asahi 2290m. The absolute bottom is Hachiro-gata and - 4m beneath ocean level. Thailand is portrayed as an uneven nation with a few mountains situated in the North and South. The most noteworthy mountain is Inthanon Mountain at 2595m; other generous mountains are Luang Chiang Dao at 2182 and Mt Mokochu at 1964m. There are numerous well of lava situated on the Japanese islands, of which 60 are as yet dynamic. There are more than 1500 seismic tremors detailed every year, most reason practically no harm yet some can be awful. Interestingly, there are no dynamic volcanoes in Thailand and just minor seismic tremors happen. Japan encounters seismic movement, for example, volcanoes and quakes since it is situated on the edge of enormous structural plates which are normally moving. These plates are what cause Japan to have such a raised landform. Thailand as it were encounters seismic tremors since it is situated on a territory of collapsing and not the edge of structural plates. Edges of the structural plates run all through Asia and have gotten known as 'the Pacific Ring of Fire'. Contrasted with Japan, Thailand has not very many woods and trees. Significant measures of land have been cleared for farming purposes. Just 25% of the land has been left with covers of timberlands and forests. Japan has 68% of land surfaced with woods and forests. 34% of Thailand's landmass is viewed as arable, which empowers it to be developed. Conversely, just 11% of Japanese land in thought about arable. This is a direct result of the precarious rough land that is all through Japan. Just 1% of Japan's landmass has lasting harvests being developed, though 6% of Thailand land has lasting harvests. Comparable, Japan and Thailand both have 2 percent of their property secured with lasting yields. Japan and Thailand are vigorously dependent on the creation of

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Power of Knowledge Essays -- Education

The Power of Knowledge Information is power. Data is freeing. Instruction is the reason of each progress. This statement from Kofi Annan, a negotiator of Ghana engaged with the United Nations, legitimately associates with a general subject found in Up from Slavery by Booker T. Washington. This self-portrayal plainly delineates hardships that stood up to Washington, yet not one of them is ever noted as anything short of a learning experience. Washington's energy for learning empowered him to outperform limits apparent by the individuals who permitted themselves to just become casualties of their conditions. He took a gander at the battles that confronted him as chances to turn into a more grounded and progressively certain individual. Achievement didn't come effectively for this man, yet through a progression of occasions and snags he had the option to make a triumph all his own. Having instruction that is facilitated by tutoring is significant, yet Washington's life is evidence that the intensity of inform ation can likewise be prominently achieved through making the most out of life and all that it brings to the table, fortunate or unfortunate. Booker T. Washington's perspectives on training edify perspectives encompassing the questionable subject of setting a higher incentive on instruction or experience. As the present society vigorously centers around tutoring, recall that lives are not exclusively founded on that viewpoint. A blend of both training and experience are important to accomplish the most significant level of progress. Training is a decent establishment, yet without experience limits are put on how much an individual can accomplish. In like manner, without the establishment of instruction a real existence loaded with encounters can be temperamental. A typical accord still can't seem to be settled upon for this progressing banter about whether educa... ...s as a demonstration of how vital both tutoring and experience are. With an equalization of the two, he could best shape all that he knew and all that he had into usable material that would best profit his life. Works Cited Baym, Nina, Wayne Franklin, Philip F. Gura, and Arnold Krupat. The Norton Anthology of American Literature. seventh ed. Vol. C. New York: W. W. Norton and, 2007. Print. Boud, David, and Ruth Cohen. Experience-based Learning. Understanding Adult Education and Training. By Lee Andresen. second ed. Sydney: Allen and Unwin. 225-239. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. Savery, John R., and Thomas M. Duffy. RLT. Tech. no. 16-01. Indiana University, June 2001. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. . What Is Experience-based Learning? Starting Point. Carleton College, 11 Apr. 2012. Web. 22 Apr. 2012. .

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2018 Top 50 Undergraduate Professors Cort Worthington, University of California Berkeley (Haas)

2018 Top 50 Undergraduate Professors: Cort Worthington, University of California Berkeley (Haas) by: Andrea Carter on November 13, 2018 | 0 Comments Comments 724 Views November 13, 2018Cort WorthingtonDistinguished Teaching FellowUniversity of California Berkeley, Haas School of BusinessFor Cort Worthington, a leadership professor at Haas School of Business, the claim to fame is improvisational leadership, a style of leadership marked by dual competencies in hard skills such as assertiveness and decisiveness along with soft skills such as building rapport and leading through trust. Beneath this specialization, what truly makes Lecturer Worthington so unique is his background as an improvisational theater instructor, documentary filmmaker, and parachuting U.S. Forest Service Smokejumper who learned the value of instant collaboration, open communication, and inventiveness on the fire line. In his nine years at Haas, he has created courses where students feel comfortable taking per sonal risks to develop into agile, innovative leaders. Repeatedly, students describe his â€Å"Improvisational Leadership† and â€Å"Leadership and Personal Development† classes as life-changingThis year, students chose Worthington to receive the Earl F. Cheit Award for Excellence in Teaching—the school’s highest teaching honor. He is also a multi-year member of Club 6, the elite group of professors receiving a mean teaching score of at least six on a seven-point scale.Age: 57Education:  BA History and Education, Central Washington University; MA Communication, Stanford University; MBA (finance) Columbia Business School; MBA (leadership) UC Berkeley Haas School of BusinessAt current institution since: 2008List of courses you currently teach: Leadership and Personal Development, Improvisational Leadership, Leadership Communication, The Art of Coaching Conversations, NegotiationWhat professional achievement are you most proud of? Creating courses that did not exist and discovering how hungry students are for them.â€Å"I knew I wanted to be a business school professor when†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I finished my first day of class and told my wife I’d found my calling.â€Å"One word that describes my first time teaching† Thrilling.What are you currently researching and what is the most significant discovery youve made from it? The use of improvisational principles and mindsets as tools for leadership development.   I continue to marvel how universally these principles apply across age and cultural differences.What is your most memorable moment as a professor? When 75 students showed up dressed exactly like me, and I didn’t notice until half-way through the class.   I felt such joy, embarrassed and flattered at the same time.Since you first started teaching, how has business education changed? Ten years ago, soft-skill leadership classes like mine were rare.   At least at Berkeley Haas, the status of such classes has risen, and there are now many more creative courses to develop leadership skills. â€Å"If I weren’t a business school professor, I would be†¦Ã¢â‚¬  a high school principal.â€Å"Here’s what I wish someone would’ve told me about being a professor†: how meaningful it is, and so get there much earlier in lifeName of the professor you most admire and why: Dr. Zoltan Kramar, my undergraduate history professor.What do you enjoy most about teaching undergraduate business students? How open and hungry they are to grow.What’s the biggest challenge? I love teaching and the hours I give to students outside of class, yet I also have two young children.   Balancing where I place my time and attention is difficult.What is the most impressive thing one of your undergraduate students has done? Become more true to themselves and their values.   What is the least favorite thing one has done? Not taken themselves seriously enough.Since you’ve been teaching, how have students changed over the years? I definitely find the students increasingly idealistic and more focused on finding meaningful work than simply chasing salary or prestigious titles.   What does a student need to do to get an A in your class? Bring sincere inquiry and then work like crazy.   Ã¢â‚¬Å"When it comes to grading, I think students would describe me as †¦Ã¢â‚¬    reluctant but fairIf your teaching style/classroom experience had a theme song, what would it be? The blues classic â€Å"Dreams† by the Allman Brothers Band.Using just one word, describe your favorite type of student SincereUsing just one word, describe your least favorite type of student Unavailableâ€Å"If my students can  stay open their entire lives, then I’ve done my job as their professor.†Fun fact about yourself: I was a parachuting forest firefighter for several years.What are your hobbies? Classic literature, following the NBAHow did you spend your summ er? teaching in Saudi Arabia, then back home with my children.Favorite place to vacation: The San Juan Islands in Washington StateFavorite book: The Brothers KaramazovFavorite movie and/or television show: Lawrence of Arabia, Rick and MortyFavorite type of music and/or favorite artist: The Allman Brothers BandBucket list item #1: Spend a year as a monk on Mt. Athos in GreeceWhat’s the biggest challenge facing business education at the moment? The constant tension between whether we are training societal leaders or job fillers.â€Å"If I had my way, the business school of the future would have much more of this†¦Ã¢â‚¬  grounding in the wisdom traditions of history, art, and philosophy.â€Å"And much less of this† pressure to â€Å"decide† a life path too early.Looking ahead 10 years from now, describe what â€Å"success† would be like for you to help a generation of students become both stronger and more compassionate.Students say†¦Ã¢â‚¬Å"When I hear things like ‘transformative experience’ or ‘life-changing class’ I tend to get a little pessimistic. But in this case those might be understatements to describe the impact your classes make.† Page 1 of 11

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Modern Slavery Human Trafficking - 1204 Words

Our nation has had many encounters with the world’s most horrifying phenomenon, modern slavery, also known as human trafficking. Modern slavery consists of people being taken away by force or unknowingly of the situation to become exploited in many ways no matter the age, ethnicity, or color of the skin (DEF). Not only has it become a disgusting wicked disease but, it has taken over the country’s freedom. We as people living in the United States are guaranteed â€Å"freedom†, which isn’t true in the absolute anymore. â€Å"According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, of which 80% are female and half are children†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (â€Å"11 Facts) (PRBD). More than half of the people being†¦show more content†¦A victim commonly comes â€Å"from other countries or communities with high rates of crime, poverty, and corruption; lack opportunities for education; lack family sup port†¦ homeless, family members collaborating with traffickers); and/or have a history of physical and/or sexual abuse.† (Clawson) We should also know that the victims in human trafficking come with the same kinds of injuries as domestic violence and rape victims. They [typically] have â€Å"Sexual Transmitted Diseases or become pregnant† (Clawson) and have bruise’s, scratches, or any signs of domestic abuse but just won’t talk about it (CHARS). Given that most victims aren’t from US they do not know how to speak English fluently. Human traffickers also take advantage of the vulnerable and even have babies under their custody illegally, â€Å"the youngest victim recovered during [an operation] was 3 months old, and the average age of victims recovered during the operation was 15 years old†¦Ã¢â‚¬ . Knowing how to identify a slave is very important for the reason that this not only helps the police, but the FBI, it helps them proceed into successful rescues. Below is a picture of a 14-year-old girl who is being forced to be in prostitution, she refused to be a part of, got beat and remained tied to a chair so she wouldn’t run away (ARG EX). One day she successfully escaped, but was scared to tell the police because when she was being forced for prostitution, they were told that the police wouldShow MoreRelatedHuman Trafficking Is The Modern Slavery1415 Words   |  6 Pages When forced into sex trafficking statistics state that 67 percent of prisoners are forced into labor, 55 percent are women and girls, and 26 percent are children that endure the conditions and harshness of this generation s modern slavery. Human trafficking is the modern slavery throughout the globe and 27,000 cases have been reported to the NHTRC hotline in the last eight years alone (Human Trafficking). Human trafficking is of all ages, all genders, and anyone can be forced into the labor. ThereRead MoreHuman Trafficking, the Modern Slavery1034 Words   |  5 PagesGlobal Perspectives Essay #2 Human Trafficking Causes and Effects Human Trafficking, The Modern Slavery Introduction Human trafficking is a big problem all around the world. Every year, thousands of men, women and children are kidnapped by traffickers, and forced into sexual exploitation and slavery. In this essay, I will talk about the causes of human trafficking and what effects it has on the victims, families, and society. Causes The cause of human trafficking is mainly the organizedRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Form Of Modern Slavery906 Words   |  4 Pages Human Trafficking Have you ever heard about human trafficking? Some people would say that human trafficking is no more in this world because now everyone become educated they themselves became victim. Others would say that human trafficking is illegal business, human being sale human being. Even I did not believe that human trafficking was here in the United States, but human trafficking was all over the world. â€Å"Trafficking in human beings is a dressing phenomenonRead MoreModern Day Slavery: Human Trafficking 866 Words   |  4 PagesBlood Borne Connections.) Human trafficking is the modern day slavery, it involves taking control over a person through force, fraud or coercion to exploit the victim for forced labor, sexual exploitation. or both (â€Å"What† par.1). This is become the sad reality for many, approximately three out of every 1,000 people worldwide are being forced into this such slavery. Victims of human trafficking are people of all backgrounds and ages, no one is safe from the dirty hands of human traffickers. Every yearRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1244 Words   |  5 Pages Human trafficking Around the world human trafficking happens around us without us noticing or realising what is happening. Modern-day slavery exists around the world and it is known today as human trafficking or trafficking in persons. So, what is human trafficking and why don t many people seek for help or go to athoughty ? Well human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act. Every year millionsRead MoreHuman Trafficking : The Post Modern Slavery?1353 Words   |  6 PagesName: Lara Kochenborger Professor: LaChe Pool Subject: English Date: February 19, 2016 Human Trafficking: The Post-Modern Slavery? Introduction: Human trafficking, being such a hideous crime, that privates people from their right to freedom, is not only largely hidden, but the victims are also often forgotten; could be extinguished if the problem received more attention by the authorities. Being a crime that exists since the beginning of the times, we should expect to see more actionRead MoreHuman Trafficking And The Modern Day Slavery Essay1006 Words   |  5 Pagesfield of criminal justice, and is known as the modern day slavery. This paper will also discuss the globalization in human trafficking. The study examines the impact of economic globalization on the human trafficking inflows around the world. This paper will begin by providing the definition of what human trafficking and globalization is, and how it works within the context of law enforcement. The history of human trafficking and how human trafficking is effecting societies across the world. ThisRead MoreHuman Trafficking And Modern Day Slavery Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesHuman Trafficking There is an ever growing problem that is coursing the world. Every day 3,287 people are sold or kidnapped, and are forced into slavery. (Human Trafficking Statistics Reports 2012) Most people do not realize that modern-day slavery happens closer to home than they think. 14,000-17,500 is the estimated number of people trafficked into the United States each year. (Human Trafficking Statistics Reports 2012) The government has tried to reduce this problem as well as everyday peopleRead MoreHuman Trafficking Is A Modern Form Of Slavery2527 Words   |  11 Pages Human Trafficking is one of the 3 largest criminal industries that take advantage of victims through slavery, organ trade, sexual exploitation and forced labor. Usually a victim is legally transferred to another country so that the people of this crime are benefited financially. Human Trafficking has become a modern form of slavery. When people hears the word ‘slavery,’ it is a harsh reality for many people who find s themselves bought and sold like objects, and treated with no dignity. Human TraffickingRead MoreHuman Trafficking : Modern Day Slavery1604 Words   |  7 PagesHuman Trafficking One of the most serious crimes worldwide, human trafficking is the buying, selling, and transportation of people for the use of sexual exploitation, forced labor, or organ removal. â€Å"Human trafficking is modern-day slavery and involves the use of force, fraud, or coercion to obtain some type of labor or commercial sex act.† (What is human trafficking Homeland) It happens in the United States and foreign countries. Many people do not see it happening, but in fact it is happening

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Ethical And Legal Obligations In Accounting Essay

According to Marshall (2004), accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information about an organization for the purpose of making decisions and informed judgements (p. 3). Specifically, financial accounting refers to the process that results in the preparation and reporting of financial statements for an entity (Marshall, McManus, Viele, p. 5). While many entities prepare their own financial statements, firms can also contract with a public accounting firm or a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) to perform services such as reviewing or compiling statements. (A CPA is a professional designation granted by individual states.) Entities that are publicly traded or complex in nature contract for†¦show more content†¦The SEC has statutory authority over setting standards in the public sector; however, according to the FASB website, the SEC relies on the private sector for this function to the extent that the private sector demonstrates abil ity to fulfill the responsibility in the public interest (FACTSaboutFASB, 2005, 2). Current generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and auditing standards require that the financial statements of an entity show the following for the reporting period: financial position at the end of the period (balance sheet), earnings for the period (income statement), cash flows during the period (statement of cash flows), and investments by and distributions to owners during the period (statement of changes in owners equity) (Marshall, McManus, Viele). A central concept is the accounting equation, in which assets equals liabilities plus owners equity, which is presented on the balance sheet. Basic principles in recording transactions (which provide the basis for preparing the income statement) are revenue recognition, which occurs at the time of a sale, and the matching princi ple, whereby the revenue is matched to any corresponding expense that was incurred to produce the revenue. While these concepts and principles and others like them appear simplistic, the applications in complex financial transactions are not universal.Show MoreRelatedEthical and Legal Obligations in Accounting1329 Words   |  6 PagesMarshall (2004), accounting is the process of identifying, measuring, and communicating economic information about an organization for the purpose of making decisions and informed judgements (p. 3). Specifically, financial accounting refers to the process that results in the preparation and reporting of financial statements for an entity (Marshall, McManus, Viele, p. 5). While many entities prepare their own financial statements, firms can also contract with a public accounting firm or a CertifiedRead MoreEssay about Ethical And Legal Obligations1150 Words   |  5 PagesEthical and Legal Obligations Ethical and legal obligations apply to all members of society. As one in society, the obligation to act in an ethical, law abiding manner on a daily basis is vital to the integrity of daily life. Many professions have their own code of ethics. Financial reporting is not exempt from such ethical and legal standards. One’s lively hood depends on decisions made in the business world. Business transactions are done daily and can impact one’s economic stability.Read MoreTHE LEGAL, ETHICAL, AND TECHNOLOGICAL CONCERNS OF THE ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL REPORTING OF BUSINESSES868 Words   |  4 PagesNew advancement in technology has made it easy for many CEOs to have the opportunity to loot their companies, and to engage in accounting irregularities. Technology has made improvements to the way a company does business with others, and also it has opened up ethical concerns for the way a company conducts their business. â€Å"Recently, accounting professionals have been p laced under immense pressure by changes in the size and scope of financial markets† (Love, 2007 para. 1). Companies use the financialRead MoreManagement Planning- Arthur Anderson1299 Words   |  6 PagesIn this paper, the writer will evaluate the planning function of management within Arthur Andersen. Specifically, the paper will discuss at least one legal, ethical, and social responsibility issue that impacts Arthur Andersen. Additionally, this paper will analyze the impact these factors have on Arthur Andersen’s management planning. Finally, this paper will analyze at least three factors that influence Arthur Andersen’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The firmRead MoreManagement Planning Paper on Arthur Andersen1221 Words   |  5 PagesAndersen and Clarence Delany by the name of Andersen, Delany, Co. In 1918, it was given the name Arthur Andersen Co. The company supplied tax, consulting services and auditing for the large business, and itself had a position in the Big Five accounting firms. In 2002, this firm was found guilty for auditing an energy corporation, Enron and it surrendered back its rights of auditing. This led to Enron s bankruptcy and loss of 85,000 jobs. Any type of business development requires constant planningRead MoreManagement Planning of Arthur Anderson Essay1284 Words   |  6 PagesIn this paper, the writer will evaluate the planning function of management within Arthur Andersen. Specifically, the paper will discuss at least one legal, ethical, and social responsibility issue that impacts Arthur Andersen. Additionally, this paper will analyze the impact these factors have on Arthur Andersen’s management planning. Finally, this paper will analyze at least three factors that influence Arthur Andersen’s strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning. The firmRead MoreExcello1402 Words   |  6 PagesGenerally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 (SOX), and AICPA code of conduct. The rules impact the mechanism, of financial reporting in the company and also help sin the actions of major principles of accounting. As a result of this, the accounting team must ensure they get the best method that will help in maximizing g the wealth of the shareholders. Albeit the earnings estimates could be gotten through the adoption of illegal treatment of accounting books, it wouldRead MoreA Discussion On Ethics And Law Essay1635 Words   |  7 Pages Enron, a Discussion on Ethics and Law Leadership’s Role in Ethical Dilemma As documented in a promotional video for Enron, Kenneth Lay states: â€Å"Enron is a company that deals with everyone with absolute integrity. We play by all the rules. . . We want people to leave a transaction with Enron thinking they have been dealt with in the highest possible way, as far as integrity and truthfulness and really doing our business right.† (Enron Vision and Values, 1998, 3:32) Whereas this message was intendedRead MoreCost Accounting and Decision Making Essay822 Words   |  4 PagesACC2CAD COST ACCOUNTING AND DECISION MAKING SEMESTER 1, 2011 MINI CASE STUDY 1 DISCLOSURE OF CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION; ETHICS Page 1 Recommendation Page.3 Executive summary Page.4 Introduction Page.5 Analysis Page.6 Recommendations and conclusion Page.7 Appendix 1 – Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants Page.8 References Page.9 Page 2 Recommendation Erin should notify Smart Worx of the postponementRead MoreLegality and Ethicality of Corporate Governance985 Words   |  4 Pagesbeen completed or before the unconditional exchange has occurred. Terry Reed, the CFO is trying to influence the accounting department to look for options to record the sale of 1.2 million in equipment by December 31 to boost earnings on financial statements. The purchasing company does not want the order of equipment delivered until the middle of January. Identifying the legal issues involved and considering state and federal laws and how they apply to the case. Alternative one transferring

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The romantic period In music was known from 1820-1990. Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, List, Burlier, Tchaikovsky, and Wagner were the most significant musicians of this time. As we know, Mozart and especially Beethovens works were popular not only in classical era, but also their emotional intensity associated with romanticism. Also, chamber music was used in both romantic and classical music. Still, there are many differences between classical and romantic music.For example, romantic works tend to have greater dynamics, ranges of tone color, and pitch. In our class, we have learned that chamber music was one of the most popular types of music during the classical and romantic era. We also learned, that chamber music has many forms such as sonata (solo Instruments), accompanied Instruments (solo Instruments and keyboard (appropriate) ) and string quartet that has two violins, one viola and one cello. And now, we learned Its miniature forms that are lied, song cycle, and character piece. We will write a custom essay sample on Early ROmantic Music or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page During the Lied we hear Plano and singer singing In German.Also, if the music is strophic, then we hear same music repeated over and over but with different words. During the through-composed music we hear different words and music. In orchestral music we hear sections of string, brass, woodwind, and percussion instruments. Monumental forms of orchestral music are program symphony and concert overture. Program symphony is self-explanatory, as its name says it is a symphony with a program with several movements. Whereas, a concerto overture is telling a story that has one movement, usually in sonata form.Symphonic poem, or tone poem Is very flexible and it separates the symphonic poem from the concert overture, which Is usually I sonata form. Franz Schubert (1797-1828) was born In Vienna, the son of a schoolmaster. Unlike other popular musicians of the time, he wasnt very popular and known. He was the first Viennese composer whose income came from musical composition only. l have come into the world for no other purpose but to compose, once he told this to his friend. Schubert wrote over 600 songs.The Reeling, a musical setting of narrative ballad of the super-natural by Goethe, is one of the earliest and finest examples of musical romanticism composed by Schubert. Robert Schumann (1810-1856) was born in Chukka, Germany. His father was a Kessler, from whom he acquired a love of literature and wrote poetry. In many ways he embodied musical romanticism. His works are Intensely autobiographical. l am affected by everything that goes on In the world-politics, literature, people-I think It over In my own way, and then I long to express my feelings In music.One of his fingers was permanently crippled. Carnival Is one of his popular compositions that has a cycle of twenty-one brief pieces. And a French father. He was called a poet of piano because he wrote almost exclusively for the piano. When Chopin was about twenty, he composed his popular Nocturne in E Flat Major, Pop. , No. 2. It is a melancholic, slow, lyrical, intimate composition for piano. An outstanding pacesetter named Franz List was born in Hungary. His father was an administrator for the same Strachey family that Hayden had served. He was very DOD looking man.During sass he performed superhuman feats at the piano and overwhelmed the European musical public. Brahms said, Whoever has not heard List cannot speak of piano playing. His composition called Transcendental Statues No. 10 in F Minor is one of the virtuoso pieces of the romantic era. Hector Burlier (1803-1869) was one of the first French romantic composers and a raring creator of new orchestral sounds. He was born in a small town near Greenbelt. His music sounds unique. It includes abrupt contrasts between high woodwinds and low strings, snarling brass, and rumbling percussion.The dynamics fluctuate continually, and the tempo changes many times. One of his great compositions is called Symphonies fantastical. Peter Lacily Tchaikovsky (1840-1893), the most famous Russian composer, came from a small town of Bodkins, where his father was a mining inspector. Tchaikovsky seemed to have married only to conceal his homosexuality. Eventually, he separated from his wife and never saw her again. All of his music contains beautiful melodies that stretch and leap widely, like dancers.One of his greatest works is Romeo and Elite, Overture-Fantasy (1869). To conclude, with all the respect to those great musicians of this time, Italian Opera Verdi and German Opera Wagner are the most important ones. Italian opera was very popular, and its main emphasizes was on the music rather than the Norms. On the other hand, Wagner was the one whose works revolutionary. Unlike Italian Opera, he gave more importance to the words rather than music. His compositions were dramatic with continuous texture and huge orchestra.